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CIM is a fund management company. CIM manages the Venture Fund for Creative Industries.


CIM Fund Invests in What?

Who Benefits fromo Private Equity?

How Does CIM Operate

Why Choose a Venture Capital Partner




CIM Fund Invests in What?

As a venture capitalist CIM makes equity investments for a limited time span into content companies: entertainment, education and and intellectual property rights (IPR) industries. CIM helps companies develop their operations and gain international markets. CIM expects good commercial return for its investments.
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Who Benefits from Private Equity

Private equity investment is a way for companies to finance growing operations when the companies’ own cash flow is not sufficient.

Venture capitalists may not require the same level of collateral as banks do, but on the other hand the venture capitalist becomes an owner of the company and has profit expectations.



How Does CIM Operate

CIM evaluates the companies potential to succeed in the market place. We evaluate the company, managers, products and implementation. All evaluations are strictly confidential.

If we think the company fulfils our subjective criteria we make an investment by means of share issue. All the money resulting from our acquisition of company shares will be used for the development of the company.

We will usually invest for a period of 3 to 5 years, sometimes longer. CIM will name its representative to the board of the company. The day-to-day management responsibility will remain with the entrepreneurs.



Why Choose a Venture Capital Partner

Along with an investment, the company will benefit from CIM’s experience in management and developing content companies. We will also advise the company on where to find the best help for numerous issues such as, marketing, recruiting, IPR management and financing.



From ideas to Cash Flow

The CIM Venture Fund for Creative Industries invests in the whole spectrum of the content industries. Our primary focus is, however, in content that is not dependent on a specific technology or distribution channel. Content production and license companies thus form the core of our investment focus.

Technology driven content, enabling technologies, and multimedia platforms form the secondary focus of our investment strategy.





Ethical DimensionsEthical Dimensions



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